"Beautiful designs, dynamic compositions and delicate harmonies"

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Coloring Book Mania is your place to find delightful original images in a variety of products, printed and digital, so you can enjoy the coloring phenomena that is now spreading around the world.

We present thoughtful  and complete compositions that are inspired by the forms of nature's graceful, flowing, dynamic structures and the subtle effects of color and shape, light and shadow. We use these images to make our Color-In-Cards, Coloring Books and all of our creations. We become very involved in creating these images. We hope that coloring these images delights you as much as creating them delights us!

Evolution of our products:

Last fall, we published our first adult coloring books, Adventures in Form: Mandalas & More Volumes 1 and 2, just in time for the holidays. We followed these with our third book, Exquisite Designs in early 2017. We are currently creating art work for our next two coloring books – coming soon...

We also have downloadable images ready to go – check them out!

We have recently developed several Color-In-Cards card sets with delightful images for you to color. These card sets have several card combinations to chose from. All card sets also contain the envelopes. More sets are in the works!

We have lots of ideas for new images and more products, Digital Coloring Pages, Art Prints, Gift Sets. So stay tuned and check back often!

Contact us with any questions or if there are products you would like to have but don’t see in our store!

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