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Little Niki

♥ Little Niki ♥

Who are we? Why do we do this?

We are a husband and wife team enjoying retirement on a small homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have a deep love of the mountains. It is a wonderful journey to explore the streams, the cool deep hollows and breath-taking views and peaks in our area. There are many paths in these mountains; each one is its own adventure. The closer you look, the more there is to see. Surprise and delight are in the details.

What inspires us?

The forms of nature's graceful, flowing, dynamic structures. The subtle effects of color and shape, light and shadow. Bare limbs against the sky. Leaves dancing in a breeze, flashing silver and green. Birds, butterflies and bees in our garden. Squirrels in the trees and the deer that eat all our apples…

Our hobbies include playing guitar, architectural design, landscaping, mushroom cultivation and wild gathering, gardening and gathering eggs laid by our free-ranging hens. We used to do a lot of hiking, but these days, it is more like moseying – that’s southern speak for walking slowly, enjoying the sights and sounds that can be seen along the path and taking photographs of anything that doesn’t move too fast! Visit our Niki Silver Facebook page to see photos of the plants, mushrooms and animals that inspire our images. There you will also find views of the sky and mountains that surround us and nourish our souls.

Folks often ask us - who is Niki Silver?

Niki was our Silver Tabby cat - she was with us for many years. We got her as a kitten. She is gone now and we miss her – but many times we feel she is still here with us, curled up on the desk watching for her next opportunity to knock pencils off of the table or steal a chunk of cheese – she had a strong preference for cheddar – the sharper the better.

We chose the Butterfly for our logo as a remembrance of Niki. It continues to remind us of a time when Niki was trying to catch a butterfly outside the window. The butterfly, completely ignoring Niki, stayed for quite a while. We enjoyed Niki’s antics as the butterfly continued to visit each of the many flowers near the window. Our "nom de-plume" is in remembrance of Niki and her delightful companionship and spirit.

What is our process?

It all starts with inspiration. The subtle shadow of a delicate fern. The dance of leaves in a breeze. Unexpected color and light, grace and form. This is followed by the development of dynamic images and thoughtful composition. At this point, we have a hand drawn image. Now, the image is re-drawn in a digital environment. This allows the image to be printed with very high accuracy and quality. We work with a local printer here in Asheville, paying close attention to the printing process and the quality of the materials used. Finally, the completed image is ready to be presented to you. We hope you like the images we create and enjoy coloring them.

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