Niki Silver Coloring Books

With Niki Silver coloring books, each unique coloring page is printed single-sided to eliminate bleed-through problems and also makes them easier to color completely and frame!

Every design features natural shapes, imaginative images, flowing compositions and delicately woven harmonies that will captivate all coloring book enthusiasts and allow even the most advanced colorist to explore and express their coloring creativity.

Each of these high-quality, spiral bound adult coloring books contain a collection of 20 elegant coloring pages printed on acid-free art-grade paper selected for its texture and archival characteristics so you work of art will not fade, yellow or deteriorate.

All of Niki Silver's Coloring Books also include a Language of Colors tutorial and a Color Palette Exploration page.

Additional Features

  • Handmade in Asheville, North Carolina
  • Materials: High quality, archival, acid free, art grade paper.
  • These books are spiral bound at the top to accommodate right and left handed artists.
  • Because these books have a spiral binding, the images can be colored edge to edge without difficulty.

Graceful, dynamic mandalas relax and delight the colorist. Images composed of natural shapes and complete compositions wait for the colorist to add the color and the beauty. Relax and enjoy!


Each page includes a bonus matching bookmark (HINT - the bookmarks make excellent gifts!)

If you liked Mandalas And More Vol 1, you will also like this second volume featuring more of the beatiful natural shapes, delicately woven harmonies and intricate detail found in volume 1. This volume 2 of the Mandalas And More coloring book has 20 NEW images - no repeats! Volume 2 continues the grace,  dynamics and simple beauty created in Mandalas And More Volume 1.


Each page includes a bonus matching bookmark (Just like volume 1!)

Exquisite Designs is a Mandala coloring book containing a collection of 20 top quality images with BLACK backgrounds! With the bold black backgrounds of these designs, the finished images can be delightfully intense when colored with NEON gel pens or markers! The blending of black and white shapes produce compositions that are extremely dramatic and adds a new dimension for the colorist to explore!

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