Resources For Colorists

Welcome to our resource page. Here you will find additional information and goodies that will help you to explore and enjoy the world of coloring.


Click on the image to download our Butterfly with the beautifully colored background.

This butterfly image is provided with a beautifully colored background, fading from magenta to white - ready for you to color the butterfly and the flowers surrounding her. Enjoy!


Click on the image to download our Color Palettes page.

Check your color combinations with these color palette charts. Find the perfect color combination for your project. Discover how different color combinations work together. The color theme you chose will help to express the mood of your design.


Click on the image to download our Language of Colors page.

Color has its own language and is a powerful channel of visual communication. Cool colors (blues, greens and purples) have calming qualities. Warmer colors (reds, oranges and yellows) have more vigorous qualities. Bright colors are more dynamic and have more energy. Pastel or tinted colors communicate muted energy. Darker colors and shades indicate lower energy. Complementary and contrasting colors provide drama.


Click on the image to download our This Collection Belongs To page.

Our TCBT page is a great way to personalize your portfolio of colorized art work. This pdf file has the TCBT page in full color and also provides the TCBT page uncolored for you to personalize with your own choice of colors and techniques. Enjoy!


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